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2022 here we come and we come with anxious excitement for a fresh start!

First Blog of the year and I am reminded how much I love to write and share and give you all of what I have inside me. I work on communicating the right way and find that writing puts it way better than my words, sometimes. Do you feel that way too? I read so many books and listen to audible stories that intrigue me and help me use my words for my blogs too. Let this Blog be more than real estate and money matters but more of a story about enduring our experiences and stories that lift us up when we think we are behind the eight ball. We are not behind the eight ball but here to look back at the last two years and how we can make it a story we are proud of. I am proud of us, of me and the families that chose to make moves when it was scary and uncertain at times.

When our backs feel against the wall, breathe and push anyway. There is a way to go and you always know the way.

No need to ask for opinions for those opinions can stall you and the course of action is the right way as long as you keep moving. So, keep moving and pushing even when you are scared.

Quick look at median home prices here in Phoenix.

I was just in Santa Barbara and their median home price is in the high one millions. Phoenix median home price is $450k and steadily climbing. There are still has affordable homes for you. I am an Accredited Buyer Representative and a Senior Residential Specialist. I speak your language and I am here to deliver real data to you. It’s all at your fingertips. What do you say? Are you ready to set a plan? Let’s set a plan on your timeframe and in your budget. When you work with us, you work with professionals who you can rely on to be in the know. We are here for you.

What I know for certain is that no one can predict what the new year will bring but if you are going to be in a home, make it the one you work hard for and one you love and can be proud to come home to. Many of us are still working from home. I am grateful for the new home we purchased last year. One that was older and more lived in but with more land and orange and lemon trees that are cool and delicious. Lemonade for the scorching AZ summers and space for corn hole games and family get togethers when the time is right. We have built new homes and just found that we love and need more space for our Harleys and toy hauler. Your family dynamic is yours and one that you deserve to be happy in. Be happy knowing there is time to make it happen. We have today and I grateful for that new opportunity. Thank you for reading this Blog to the end. If you would like me to write about something that speaks to a certain topic, reach out to me with the request. It will not go ignored. Be Well Readers, Bernadette

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